"Microsoft Office 365 Activities" Vs. "SharePoint Custom Activities"

I have been using the “SharePoint Custom Activities” for a few projects as described here. However, I recently discovered the “Microsoft Office 365 Activities” package on UiPath Go! as described here.

What is the difference (if any) between the SharePoint activities in both of these packages? (Disclaimer: for lack of time, I have not had a chance to download and experiment with the Office 365 package). I see that one is developed by “UiPath”, and the other is “UiPath Labs”, but both seem to contain similar SharePoint activities.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Hi @bsylvester Did you get any answer about that? Also I am using Sharepoint Custom Activities but now I am needing to upload a file in a list and I cannot. Any idea how to achive that?

Hello @carmen - unfortunately I did not get a response on this post. I believe there is an Upload File activity? I’ll check my instance of Studio and get back to you.

oh well, yes it is, but just work with libraries not list, anyways I will propose to change the requirement and upload the files to la library instead a list. thanks

Using the SharePoint Custom Activities it is possible to upload files inside Lists as attachments to list items. Its the only way sharepoint allows us to add files to normal lists.

Is this using Modern Auth or Basic authentication ?

Hey Sishira!

The latest version of the package can be found here: Sharepoint Activities - #14 by Diana_Mincu. It has both Basic Auth and it allows for Microsoft SSO Integration (this means that it can work with 2 factor authentication or any other restrictions your environment has).

The SSO Integration however requires a human to manually do the login the first time the robot runs so it’s best to use it for attended automations mostly (if used for unattended, the human would have to authenticate the robot into Sharepoint every 2 months or so).

You can switch the SSO integration on by using the “WebLogin” option inside the SharePoint Scope activity

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Hi Radu,

we are using your the latest version and implemented on Unattended Robot. Now, we have a problem that user not able to authenticate the robot due to strict policy.

do you have an alternative solution for unattended robot ? unfortunately attended robot is not option.


Is the Online Authentication mode working?

No. it was happened at on-premise

So you have a on-premises sharepoint like SharePoint2013 or SharePoint2016?
Could you give me more details about this? What authentication modes did you try? What was the result for each?
Did this package ever worked? If yes, did any of the policies changed recently?

Hi Radu,

When I am using Online mode I am getting the below error. Can you please suggest?