UiPath FTP activities Proxy, ssh-rsa support or go for WinSCP?

Hi everyone,
I’m currently building an automation which downloads and uploads files to SFTP. I have no dev background and that is why I try to rely on prebuilt activities as much as possible. However, SFTP activities seem to be not suitable for me. First I had to install the Alpha version of UiPath FTP activities to use a proxy server and now I am facing the error that ssh-rsa key files seem to be not supported (or I don’t know how to use them).

@marian.platonov You already shared the alpha version of the activity in another thread. Can you share details about whether the activity will support ssh-rsa keys in the future and when the 2.4 alpha will be in the official stable releases? Is there a place to follow up on this?

FTP Scope: openssh key type: ssh-rsa is not supported

Apart from this I have the option to go for WinSCP which can be added as a dependency. I tried this but I am failing to get the code right for the invoke code activity to use this. Can someone maybe share a demo project in which this is working?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Maybe @McDonalds can share some of his working code from the other thread he already answered three years ago? Thanks.

Hi @lmarco

We do not have a current release date for the new FTP package version with proxy support.

In the meantime, a workaround would indeed involve a 3rd party library or a PowerShell script that is custom-made to the specific scenario.

script is referred from: Session.ListDirectory Method :: WinSCP

        ' Setup session options
        Dim sessionOptions As New SessionOptions
        With sessionOptions
            .Protocol = Protocol.Sftp
            .HostName = "example.com"
            .UserName = "user"
            .Password = "mypassword"
            .SshHostKeyFingerprint = "ssh-rsa 2048 xxxxxxxxxxx..."
        End With

        Using session As New Session
            ' Connect

            Dim directory As RemoteDirectoryInfo =

            Dim fileInfo As RemoteFileInfo
            For Each fileInfo In directory.Files
                    "{0} with size {1}, permissions {2} and last modification at {3}",
                    fileInfo.Name, fileInfo.Length, fileInfo.FilePermissions,
        End Using

        Return 0
    Catch e As Exception
        Console.WriteLine("Error: {0}", e)
        Return 1
    End Try

End Function

End Class