Setting up UiPath for large project

Hi UiPath guys,

We are about to start a project which is quite big in terms of automation and it will be completed in two phases.

We have few questions which needs to be clarified urgently in order to estimate and setup correctly,

1- To configure Orchestrator on windows server, do we need two servers for two phases since after first phase we need to go live.
2- There are many pre-requisite that needs to be done before Orchestrator installation, do we need to have licensed version of each software used to setup Orchestrator? e.g SQL server etc
3- Is it possible to setup Orchestrator with any other SQL client? e.g. mySql
4- What are the impacts we configure Orchestrator and SQL Server on the same machine to be used in production?
5- Do we need to have every pre-requisite software to be on separate machines? e.g. Kibana, elastic search server etc
6- What is recommended for user authentications? e.g active directory / windows authentication.
7- In a software requirement, Vmware is needed,
a- why do we need it when we are using physical machines for each installations.
b- can we configure it over the VMs as well?
c- what are the impact if we we server installations on virtual machine?
8- as we need to automation many workflows, which kind of licensing will be required. Unattended or attended?

Appreciate all your responses in advance.

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