UiPAth Orchestrator installation


Newbie here, I am trying to install the complete package of UiPath but it displays error that you need IIS 7.5 or above to install the orchestrator. I am done with the IIS 10 installation on my windows 10 machine but it still throws the same error.

Is it necessary to have windows server to install orchestrator?
Does it work with Windows 7 or 10?
How can we control and manage our scrips in UAT cycle since all the scripts are on local machine.

Please advise


Here you go: Software Requirements

@fraydex Thanks for the response,

We have two options to setup Orchestrator. One is locally on the machine and second is to deploy on the windows server with its own database (the link you referred).

My query is, on what basis we will select the orchestrator to setup locally on the UiPath studio machine or to setup a different machine for orchestrator

can orchestrator be installed on local system… even i installed IIS but during setup it says u require… and not working