Setting TransactionItem specific content in runtime


Is there a way for me to add/change specific content on a transaction item in run time?


If your transaction item is Datarow then you can change it during runtime. which type of transaction item you want to change.

I have a QueueItem ( my mistake ) where i need to access specific data like this: item.SpesificContent(“key”).

I would like to assign values back a key aswell

Reading about this now and it seems this is not possible. Are there any plans to implement this in the future? The Progress column is not showing afte ran item as finished running, making at pretty useless

BluePrism lets you tag a queue item, f.ex making it easier to understand how far an item was processed before an issue occured.

There needs to be more functionality for manipulating the Queue/QueueItems.

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As you said, this is not possible as of now but it is still being under consideration by the product team.
Here you have an “idea” that you can up-vote.

I also agree with everything you said, opening this kind of possibility would open many design options for our solutions.

Regarding progress, they made a changed that if the Item is retried, a new item will be added with the existing progress. Technically it inst persistent but the cover at least a part of the issue we had in the past with this field.



Thanks! I added some thoughts to that thread as well.