REFramework, Process Transaction, TransactionItem

I would like to add content to TransactionItem so that that added data can be fetched afterwards from executed queue items. This is what I tryed with assign activity without success. My TransactionItem has a key ‘Info’ (TransactionItem.SpecificContent[“Info”]) and my aim is to add some value to it according to this queueitem execution. Is this overall possible? I appreciate any help :slight_smile:



If jot present in queue why you want to add it to the variable?

Rather add to a different dictionary and use it


This is entirely possible. The Output is designed for this, its an option on the Set Transaction Status activity.
The REFramework is poorly set up to make it easy to do, but it can be modified to do so.

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You are assigning runtime values to the TransactionItem.SpecificContent dictionary, you are not updating the actual queue item.

You can use what Jon suggested, or you can use an API call to update the queue item (search the forums, lots of posts on this). In general, it’s always good to search the forums before posting as there are tons of posts on how to update a queue item.