Stop Current Transaction & go to next transaction


I developed a flow in REFRAMEWORK in that one section there is a get Full text Activity in that, activity ends with .doc then go for next process otherwise stop current transaction and go for next transaction.

Note : I dint use Orchestrator i used DataRow

My Flow as below

Get Full Text Activity saved it one variable

If Condition Variable=".doc"
go for next process

i designed above but im bit confused how can i stop particular transaction.

Anyone can help this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Shriharsha_H_N

In REFramework, if a business exception was thrown, then it will stop current transaction and go for next transaction, so If Condition Variable=".doc", use the Throw activity to throw a New BusinessRuleException.

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Hi @Shriharsha_H_N

I do agree with @wusiyangjia

You can use the business rule exception for this. So ideally, you can use a flowchart and check for this condition in a flow decision activity and include a throw activity with business rule exception.

This will cause the transaction to throw a business rule exception and move to the next as he mentioned…

Also note: when running in default debug mode, your studio execution will stop there indicating the error. Just press continue and let it run… it will not stop there when you run in run mode and it will handle it automatically

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