How to set an enter to clipboard


I want to set multiple variables to the clipboard so I can paste them easily.
I want all variables to be seperated by enters though.
How can I make this work?

If I understand you properly you need to send multiple variables at once?
You can use one variable that can concatenate all of your variables.
Assign activity would do that.

AllVariables = Variable1+ " " + Variable2 etc…
Then you can use Set To Clipboard activity to be = AllVariables

Hi @Peter_Peter

you can do like below

var1 = “somestring”

var2 = “1234st”

var3 = “ahrehger”

finalvar = var1+vblf+var2+vblf+var3

then you can set the finalvar to clipboard using set clipboard activity.

hope it works for you


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Okay thanks I will try this out!


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