Get from Clipboard - how to assign result to a variable

Hi. I have used the Copy selected Text function to take a value from a Windows application and then the Get from Clipboard function to get the value. How do I assign the value to a variable.

get from clipboard activity will allow us to assign the value to a variable.

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use the Get From Clipboard activity…


What do you set on Output/Result ?

Depending on your scenario, you specify a variable with a suitable datatype to hold what you are getting from the clipboard. For example, you have some text data in clipboard and you need to get it to your workflow, you can specify a String type variable there…

Thanks for your answer!
I’m trying with an array of strings, but it’s not working.
Have you seen any sample for an array?

Hi @fhunth,

Please use a simple string variable as the data retrieved by the Get Clipboard text will only have String values.
You can then apply string manipulation functions such as ‘Split’ to get an array of strings out of the text retrieved.