Facing issue while integrating uipath with service now

Hi All i am facing issue issue while integrating uipath community edition with servicenow.
I installed UipathTeam.ServiceNow.Activities through manage packages.

Within servicenow application scope when i tried test connection it is throwing below error.
i have given my service now correct username and password.

kindly help me out .
any other way is there to integrate uipath and servicenow also let me know.servicenowtestConnection

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No worries
Did we try to do the remedy mentioned out in this image

Cheers @kumari_supriya

Hi @Palaniyappan

i am not getting what you are trying to ask.
Can you clarify more on this.

Hi @Palaniyappan

i am not getting what you are trying to ask.
Can you clarify more.

Hi @kumari_supriya

Are you using the developer instance of service now?

As mentioned in the error1, are you able to access your servicenow url from the browser manually ?

Hi @dineshary

yes, i am able to access the servicenow url from the browser manually.

Yes i am using production username and password in that scope which i am using while accessing service now in the browser.

Do you have REST api access for your SNOW id? It will be required to use the servicenow connector

Hi Dineshary,

I do not think i have rest api access for my snow id.
Can you let me know how to check that thing ? otherwise i will check to get access to rest api first .


Can you help in this ?

HI, Did you get any resolution for this?

any help here? facing similar issue. not able to connect to SNOW dev instance.

Servicenow instance shouldnt be in hibernating mode, if it is…wake ur instance. Thats it.