ServiceNow activities - get recrod / list recrods

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I have a question regarding ServiceNow activities in the Studio. I am unable to use the ServiceNow app scope, as I’m unable to connect to SN learning instances, therefore I’m forced to use the activities that use the connection established in Orchestrator (which works fine).
Aaanyway, I’m trying to get a single record or a list of records from a chosen ServiceNow table. I’m using activity “list all records” and “get record”. The output of those activities is a variable of type “incident” or “incident_task”.
The question is: how can extract data from that variable such as records sys_id? Is it possible at all?

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There should be properties to these variable of type “incident” or “incident_task”. Check the properties while you are in Debug mode and data has been retrieved in it.

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if it is list of incidents say saved in variables var

var(0). will give you all functions and values you can retrieve…there would be an id property for sysid…similarly others as well