Server vs PC client

Hi! I am not a technician or technology expert. I am a small businessman trying to implement a Uipath robot in my main web business application.

We are now developing the requirements and here it comes my doubt. I heard about a very big project in a major Spanish financial institution, Cajamar, where HP tried to develop a project with tens of bots running on a Windows server. It did not work well (I think that today it has not been solved the problem yet). Some people told me that the origin of the problem is that Uipath bots need to run on PC clients, with screens and image features, and are not 100% reliable when running on data servers. Is this true? Do I need to install Uipath Community on a PC instead of the on-the-cloud server I use for my main application? Robustness is very important for my business and I need maximum reliability.

Thank you very much for your help and kindness,

Cesar Crespo

In my personal opinion, having Orchestrator installed on an on-premise server has its benefits. If the cloud service is down, you won’t have to worry, since you’re hosting your own Orchestrator server. However, the downfall is that if your on-premise server goes down, you’re going to have to fix it, rather than the UiPath team.

That said, UiPath values its enterprise clients, so if you need support from the team, you’ll more easily gain a close relationship with someone at UiPath for fixing any issues you have.

As for the Community version, this version is fine if you don’t plan to have many bots running, or if you’re using the software for relatively small tasks overall. Just keep in mind that the Community version is on the cloud.

Thank you very much Anthony for your quick answer. Thanks!

We are a small firm in Spain. We are planning to have only one robot, so we are not going to install Orchestrator, and we are planning to use the Uipath Community version.

So, with these boundary conditions, do you think it is reliable to use Uipath and the robot in a server or does it need a PC with image capabilities to work 100% reliably?

Thank you very much for your patience and your kindness.


I don’t think you’ll need to store Orchestrator or the robots locally. Since you’re only planning to have one robot, it should be relatively easy to monitor for any issues that may occur.

Thank you very much Anthony!