Do robots need to be installed locally?

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I did not find the concrete solution in the forum to this question:

Client wants to create a Center of Excellence with one centralized service center (development, maintenance, implementation etc) and 10 branches where robots are executed.
Client wants to install Uipath (Orchestrator, Robot, Studio) in the cloud. He does not want any local installation, neither Robot nor Studio.
Is this possible?
How can local branches execute the bots if they are not installed locally?
I know, that Orchestrator can be installed in the cloud and accessed by any machine but how can we install robots in the cloud and deploy them locally to execute tasks?

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Hi @Pierre_Kublik,
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In a nutshell:
The Studio and Robot is an application which needs to be installed locally on the machine where development or automation runs will be handled. The Orchestrator is a web-based platform which needs to be configured properly with your locally installed robots to run jobs on machines.
This is short representation:

Ok thank you very much.
So this means, the client needs to install robot on the machine which will execute the job.
But one could create a machine with access (network, files, software etc) to the branch and physically store the machine in the centralized service center.
Then the client accesses the robot locally via orchestrator web application, right?
Then there is no need for an installation in the actual branch.

Yes. Robot can be installed on virtual machine for example. It will have the same access to local resources as user to which robot is connected.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

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