Sequence State machine- auto close app

Good morning,
I have a problem. UiPath automatically closes the browser at end it is supposed to open in task 1 ( Invoke Main), and in task 2 it is supposed to use it again.
How to disable the closing of the browser after task 1?

Hi @Bob-Builder,

Can you please show the sequence of activities you are doing in Task 1 and Task 2?



1 task:
Open browser and log in.
Click on a few places and save the data.
Task 2:
Open another tab and enter the saved data from task #1.

Hi @Bob-Builder,

I see you are opening browser in both tasks, is it the same URL?

If you need to carry on using same browser itself to do further tasks and have just defined those tasks in Task 2 for segregation purposes. Once task 1 is done, near the end itself, invoke Task2 sequence under same browser scope.

It should give you what you are looking for.


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Ok, I get the point. This option is a last resort. :slight_smile:
The address is within one page- another sub-tab
Task 1 is just logging in, and task 2 can change depending on situation.
When I use normal flowchart (instead state machine), after task 1 is done, the browser is not closed and task 2 can continue. When the page is closed an automatic logout will happen.