Operation has timed out error in send outlook mail message activity in uipath

Can any one please help what’s the issue?

Is your outlook up and running?

yes working

pls share the screenshot of where you’re getting error.

Can you guide what’s the issue please


The activity has a default timeout of 30 seconds. Perhaps you could try increasing this and test sending an email again. Additionally, please check that you can send manually an email using Outlook from the same computer (and the same outlook email account) just to be sure.

In case the issue persists, you can share the Outlook version and “bitness” (32/64bit) so that we can investigate this further.

This error is thrown when activity timeout reaches and it’s not successful in sending the mail.

The same email is logged in to outlook desktop & it’s opened as well, right?

yes opened

outlook and uipath installed is in vdi

Hi @vnsatyasunil,

Please make sure if your the antivirus is active in your machine. Open your trust center settings and see if it is valid


Could you please share the exact version of the Email Activities Package as well as the version of the UiPath Studio?