Sending out automatic email for online shopping

Hello guys,

I am currently trying to do a simple sending of automatic email for online shopping. To be honest, I have tried doing this on my own but the output produced is that I only see the email for the last line of the excel shown below. The other 3 out did not show up.

Below is a sample excel file for my project.

I want to send out an email to a customer whether if their package has been delivered or not. Since i am a new member here, I can’t give out the sample emails for Delivered and Unsuccessful Delivery and also the workfile.


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Kindly post a screenshot of your workflow so we can see your loop

–we can use Excel application scope and inside the scope we can use READ RANGE activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt
–now use this dt as input to FOR EACH ROW activity and inside the loop use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY with TO property mentioned as row(2).ToString and Subject property mentioned as row(0).ToString and in the body mention as row(1).ToString
so that it will send mail each recipient one by one from first row to last row

If we want to make a filter on delivered orders alone then once after getting the datatable dt use a assign activity and mention like this
dt = dt.Select("[Delivery Status] = ‘Delivered’ ").CopyToDatatable()

then pass that dt to FOR EACH ROW loop so that it will send the delivered orders alone

Cheers @purpleBora94

Thank you for your solution. It really does help because at first i place the send outlook email activity outside the for each row activity in a flowchart, which is why i saw the email output for only the last row of my excel.

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