Reading email from data table and sending them

I am trying read email rows from data table.
Once I read them I need to send emails to the emails present in email rows.
Any ideas how should I approach

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Once after getting datatable pass that to FOR EACH ROW activity as input
—inside the loop use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY where in TO part mention as row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString so for each row value to will be mentioned in TO part and sent to that particular recipient for each iteration in loop

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Thanks for the reply I will try it

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Cheers @Abad_Sid

I did what you said above but the email is not being sent. There is no error in the workflow either.

Cappp error
I am doing what you said above but it is not fetching Email from the data table

I have resolved the error but now it is showing this error

did we check with our SENT ITEM in Outlook to validate whether the mail has been sent or not
if that is not showing any error either the column did have any value or we havent validated it from either side (from our sent item mailbox and recipients inbox)

Kindly check that once
Cheers @Abad_Sid

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You can check if you have spelled the Column name “Email” correctly in Input excel.

Also you need to tick Add headers option in the Read range. Kindly check them.

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I used smtp activity with my gmail its working now but still didnt know why outlook is not working

I have done that both the issue is in the outlook sending message.

The email is sent successfully.
The problem it is sending to many emails.
I just need to send it four times because there are 4 entries of email in my table
How can I send email equal to the number of the rows of email column

may i know what was mentioned in SMTP mail activity
if possible a screenshot with property panel of that activity

Cheers @Abad_Sid


This what I did.

hmm…this looks perfect
if this is placed in FOR EACH ROW loop it will actually send as the number of records in the datatable
like if we have 4 records then only 4 times the mail will be sent
lets validate that in debug mode
kindly run the process in debug mode so that we can know where it is repeating again

Cheers @Abad_Sid

Recently this is what I did I am only reading the column of Email which is D1 column still having some issue not having the correct numbers of email this is insane.

if possible can i have a screenshot of the excel input file if possible
i have a doubt in input
Cheers @Abad_Sid

All files are like this.

Hmm…multilple emails means like how it is been sent @Abad_Sid
can i have an example

I am generating four excel sheets in my workflow.
I am reading the Email column D1 in each of them.
I am emailing it in which at TO I write row(“Email”).ToString