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Can someone help me create a activity that will send one column of a Datatable inside the body of an email.

I’m using ‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ activity and putting the dtExcelData.ToString in the body. This ends up just sending the word “DataTable” in the email body.

I’m also not sure how to limit the data to one column not the entire data table.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



@timothy.mullady - could you please share the screenshot of your excel sheet ?

I’m doing a bunch of data cleansing and manipulations from the excel file.

dtExcelData is the final datatable variable. I simply want to include the column named “Contact_ID” in the body of the email. With some text around it… The text would just be email communication the reciever of the email (Hello… thanks…)

Hi @timothy.mullady

Let’s assume your datatable - dtTable

In assign dtTable = dtTable.defaultviee.totable(false,“youcolunnname”)

In this package there is an activity called convert to html

Pass the datatable as input to the activity, it will give html table string as output, pass that string to send oulook message activity.



I’m getting ‘)’ Expected error in the assign section


Any ideas.


I had the wrong column name because the SQL table had a alias.

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