How to set the activity to just happened once even it meets the conditions for more than two row

Dear all,

Good morning,

i have an excel worksheet for delivery information.

I will need to send email to warehouse to inform whether next working day has delivery or not.

I have create two variable (delivertodate & nextworkingday)

i use for each row to loop each of the row of delivery info and use if to check whether delivertodate=nextworkingday

for both case, i will need to send email, if yes, then send email inform have delivery, if no, then send email inform no delivery.

But, in each of the row, there may have more than one row of data which meets the condition, but how can i just set it to send 1 email instead of sending each of it ?

Kindly advise.

Thank you.

You can create maybe a Text file (after sending the first email) to flag that the email has been sent for this specific record.

Before sending an email, you should read that temporary text file and check if the record already exists.

Can we try to groupby the delivery info column? in that way, the column having duplicates records will be grouped and will have unique records only and it won’t repeat while checking condition.

For example