Sending out a certain email

Hi Devs, I was wondering if there is a way for the bot to read read an email from an excel sheet that contains different email then send an outlook mail message?

Can you elaborate more?

If you mean the mail ID here, we can do that simply looping through the data table @seanp92

So when the bot sends an email using outlook activity instead of having the email in the activity can i have it in a excel file outside uipath and the bot grab the email address from there and send it out?

Yes ofcourse you can.

  1. Store all the emails you need
  2. read them using the read range activity and store in a data table
  3. For each row to iterate through the rows of data
  4. Then you can give the email in the activity as row(“EMAILID”).tostring
    assuming EMAILID as the column name in the excel

Hope this is clear :slight_smile:

Yes thank you!

Try the steps and let me know if it works @seanp92

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