How do i read email from excel file and send in outlook?

Hey guys, im not sure how to read the excel file containing the emails to be send in outlook i tried reading the excel file containing the email in one cell but idk how to proceed to actually send it out. I have also tried using string eg HTEmail in the “To” box.

Here is an example of reading from the excel file in the cell

When you read range your excel, you shoud use then for each row activity in that data table. Inside there you should paste send Outlook Mail Message, with property “To:” as row(1).toString

In short way it should look like this:

ohh thanks i was using the other for each loop using the workbook application

Sorry i want to ask again i got an error saying this even tho i put my email in the cell. How should i put the name n email in the cell?


Instead of send outlook mail message you can use message box to print what value is under “row(1).toString”. Then you can try to correct it before sending email

thks erm but i got one last question to ask since i have put my emails under column B but it is reading all the emails under column B. i just want column B2 email in the excel file how do i do it?

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