How to read email in uipath

how to read email in uipath

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Refer below post


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My scenario is different.That solution will not work here.

what is your scenario? can you elaborate?

Hi Team,

I have one scenario:

In excel i have 100+ email id’s (different domines like, etc).There is one web application where i need to upload the files and send an email to users(in excel email id’s).In the web application the email body is same only thing is i need to send an email with different users.

Can you please help me here ,how to solve this by using uipath?


Read the data and upload it to the applcation.

  1. Read the data from the excel create dt1
  2. For each row in the dt1 for column(“email”)
    …2a. Configure send mail, and use the row item in the To
    …2b. Body will be same, you can type the string or use a variable

Thanks for the reply @nadim.warsi.:slight_smile:
If you have sample .xaml file,can you please share it.That will be great to understand

Thanks again

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Let me prep one for you
Can you put down the excel format you have? a sample will do.

Hi ,
EmailID_List.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Here is the sample excel .

See if this helps your case
bulkEmails.xaml (8.8 KB)

hey @nadim.warsi

awesome…it’s working

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