Email Automation from excel sheet

How can I send the email automatically from outlook using RPA, the details for the mail should be selected from an excel sheet , foe e.g. recipient name, email id, subject, and mail body should be selected from a particular excel sheet. this should be in a loop where it should send the mail to entire list of recipients in excel sheet. I’m attaching a screenshot of the excel sheet.


Read this excel using read range activity.
Then loop the datatable with for each row activity.
Inside the for loop you need to add send outlook mail message activity in that use the to address as

Row("email id").Tostring

Then the mail will be triggered, don’t forget to add subject and mail body.

Hi, @Jinesh10
I have made exact solution which you were looking for.
Here is the program attached. Hope this helps you !

GreeshmaSend email using (21.8 KB)