Sender name in SMTP send mail activity

Hi Everyone,

I am sending email through ‘Send SMTP Mail Message’ activity with from emailD as lets say, In the name field, I have updated ‘Helpdesk’ so that the recipient will see sender as ‘Helpdesk’.

However instead of sender only as ‘Helpdesk’, it is showing as ‘Helpdesk <>’. Is there any way I can get rid of the later emailid part so that sender will be only as ‘Helpdesk’.

Thanking in advance :slight_smile:

It is showing as ‘Helpdesk <>’ because the email client you’re using to view the email (likely outlook) chooses to display it that way. This doesn’t have anything to do with SMTP.

Is there a reason why you don’t want them to see the email address for replies? If you don’t want replies, just set the ‘From’ field in the SMTP activity to be or something similar

Hi @Kapil

I don’t think hinding the sendor email in the is possible. I have tried email sending in outlook as well as gmail. It all shows that. I haven’t come across and property to hide it. I think it is default in those emailing systems to show the sender email.

Thanks @Dave and @Lahiru.Fernando. I too did some digging and found that it cant be done. I ended up creating a separate email id like


Hi, @Kapil
Can you tell me how did you change the sender email.
In my scenario, I am using one particular email ID for login and as a receiver mail and putting another email id in the sender field of smtp activity. But, somehow its still displaying the email which, I used to logged in and as a receiver mail in the name filed of email.
What changes you have made please let me know.