Send mail using "send outlook mail message" without sender's information getting displayed in the mail

Is it possible to send mail using “send outlook mail message” without sender’s name mentioned in the mail? If so how can we do that.


‘Send Outlook Mail Message’ uses the current user’s outlook or an account that is specified in the Properties panel.
Are you trying to send an email which won’t show who sent it on the receiver’s end?

Yes, I am trying to send email which won’t show the sender’s detail on the receiver’s end.

As far as I know (and I could be wrong), the sender’s information will be displayed regardless of any setting that you may change (in Outlook or otherwise). There are services that let you mask the original email address by using their own alias, but these are third-party, not within Outlook.

You may, however, use the ‘Send on behalf of’ feature in Send Outlook Mail Message activity and configure it with a ‘noreply’ type email account within your organisation.
This way, you can protect the sender’s identity (whichever account is actually sending the message) because it will show as coming ‘From’ a ‘’ account.

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