Send mail Smtp activity, display name doesnt work

Smtp activity, display name doesnt work, i want to display a name i chose instead of defaut name, i don’t know why its not working



I believe that field is not to display anything you like…but the exact name of the users from which youw ant to send…or if you have shared mailboxes thent he name of those mail boxes…

Any random name would not work there



Well try to mention both the from address and sender name u want to display
It might work

But ideally sending different name of the sender email is not possible. I have tried email sending in outlook as well as gmail. I think it is default in those emailing systems to show the sender email.

This doesn’t have anything to do with SMTP.

Sometimes it’s possible that the behavior is influenced by the recipient’s email client

Try with the method suggested here to send on behalf of another name

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Soudios

Hi @Soudios

I have tried this by changing the sender name as “BOT” by sending the mail to my alternative email ID. The sender did actually changes to “BOT” in my alternative email ID. But the sender name didn’t change in the mail that I have send.