Send value to other application or website

Hi All,

I want to send value to python based application or website from uipath. I don’t know how I can do it. Could you please tell me the way to do it.


Can you please elaborate/ provide the requirements in detail?

I am working on project which calculates premium. I want to send premium amount to our other application and website.

From python our application run cmd line command with arg1 and arg2. Then the robot starts working And calculate the value. I want to send new premium amt to python application. How can I achieve this?

Same in website scenario.

In website how can I change the heading text or label text and display the value.

May be my approach is wrong or you can tell me better way. Thanks

Need help! Please tell me.

Theoretical Answers

If Python has something like VB Script you can run the script using Open Application and pass the Values.

Or Write to a file where your Application can read from there

Once you calculate the value, update the value to a table in Database. Your website should be able to pull the value from that Table and update periodically (Ajax)

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thanks … I will try