Assign Specific values to Variables from Python created API (values originate in old system)

We have an old system that we have created a Python extract from (the system is Citrix based, so no selectors available and too long-winded and a bit hit and miss to get the robot to read info itself).

Currently, we get Python to read it, create an excel file with the info scrapped from the old system that is then emailed to the robot (outlook). The robot reads the file to populate its variables before using this information to update another separate piece of software.

I’m hoping that there is a way that we can avoid the excel creation and email, and replace that with a way that the values of the variables could be passed more easily straight into UiPath.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

You can pass values from Orchestrator, but as your values will be changing per run, I suggest you use an Orchestrator queue. You can store the values there then read them when you process the queue.