Varible in paython script

I am running the BOT to run a Python script in Jupyter however in the script there is a path and it’s changeable so i need to add a valve with the bath

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Send the path as input to the script


Hey @omar_ismail

I believe you are looking to invoke a python script into UiPath which is possible through invoke python script activity which also has the provision to pass dynamic values as arguments.

Kindly refer this for more insights -


if you can elaporate?


Add an input argument to your python function…and pass the path as input parameter from UiPath and use it in python


is there any video explaining these steps?


Check this small sample


alredy opened it but i didn’t get these two points “name of the method and inputparameter”

alos how can i change the path inside the code with the on on my varible

Hi @omar_ismail ,

Just providing a Sample Code and How it is Configured with the Invoke Python Method activity :

Here, we can see that a Function is Defined and there are parameters present in it. These parameters to the code can be passed from outside that is from the Studio using the activity’s Property InputParameters.


Method name is the name of the function in your py file

And parameters are the arguments that you give to the function

In python code use the argument name