Send smtp mail message unknown host

Hello everyone, im facing a problem with unknown host, i have tried all the combinations i could find but none work, this is sending an email from to
but it isn’t working

I mention that secure apps is On in sender email

here are some pictures:

thanks in advance!

Hi @Raul_Palma

Change your smtp host at the right side of the properties panel, there is some spelling mistake at the first screenshot you write it as smpt instead of smtp try with @Palaniyappan feedback also. Make a try may be its work. Happy mail automation.




Did we try disabling antivirus in your machine
Check whether is there any white list made for the application on your antivirus configuration
If so disable and give a try

And moreover with the properties in that activity

Replace that and give a try

Cheers @Raul_Palma

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Good catch buddy @AMALRAJ . lets see it is able to resolve.

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Thank you very much, indeed it was a syntax error, thank you for that!


Hi @Raul_Palma ,

Could you pls follow the suggestion from @AMALRAJ and see if it resolve the issue.

one interesting thing is as per your post you are trying to send email using Gmail SMTP but from different address other than Gmail. i never tried like this and also i feel like we have to do some settings to enable in gmail to send email from different address other than gmail. if you face any issues please follow below link. share your solution as well it is learning for me. thank you very much.

Glad to hear that you are able to resolve it by changing the SMTP host name. are you able to send email from different email id other than gmail using from address. thanks @Raul_Palma

Send emails from a different address or alias - Gmail Help.


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