Send SMTP Mail Message: No such host is known

Hi everyone, for this send SMTP message activity where we used Gmail, it did not manage to work on my friend’s computer. We had tried using port 25,587,465, had already turned on IMAP in our Gmail account and turned off less secure app access. With the use of the server, it still did not work :frowning: Did anyone find a way to solve this issue? Thank you!

You have done the correct steps.

Check this below link if that helps

May be try testing the SMTP via powershell to confirm it is working there? this seems to be an incorrect server parameter issue

Just asking: Can you ping the host? Can you telnet the host on that port?

Hello sorry, how do you test it via PowerShell?

How do you do that?

Below link has the syntax and example

Try sth like this first (with your host):


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Check below for your reference


Also check by hardcoding the values and still you are facing the issue, if not then you have to check the variable values correctly

Hope this may help you


Hi sorry for the late reply but it shows this:

Good. Now check your settings for SMTP:

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