Send SMTP mail message is not working for group email id

send SMTP mail message activity not working while sending email to the distribution list. any one faced the same problem ?
it is working fine when sending email to individual id

Hi @Seetharaman_K,

If you’re trying to send one mail to multiple email addresses then, I’ll suggest you to kindly specify in emil id’s in To parameter as shown below,
(e.g email ID 1 - email ID 2 -



If email id array is dynamic then you can use String.Join method in same To parameter, it concatenate each element in an array with specified separator.

here ArrStr —> array of String, holding all those ID’s.
; —> Separator
by this, ultimately output string will be ";"

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@Seetharaman_K - is the distribution list - internal corporate DL or created by own for yahoo/gmail/etc list?

if its corporate DL - pls check the DL Permissions - there could be a limitation set for the list.

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when you say limitation then it is applicable while sending email from outlook also. but while sending email from outlook there is no problem

can you share a sample dl name how it looks? you can hash the dl list with own vales…
ex: - --> itXXX_mXXX@XXXX.XX

sample addres is like
when u expand this it has 20 email ids. when we send email using “send smtp mail message” we are getting failure notification via outlook

issue is related to the specific dl is not listed ( mail aslo stating the same)… you can check with your exchange service/AD admins about the issue.

i tried with few other DLs . the result is same. and all these DLs re working fine while sending mail from outlook. infact send outlook message activity is also working fine. how ever the problem is with send SMTP mail message

technically - outlook & smtp activities are different towards exchange server authentication…

outlook activity uses - configured account which will have complete access to the respective exchange server details and all to a predefined authentications which required for DL’s.

SMTP mail services - use the information provided by us with server/port/user credentials and other details - where it can’t authenticate at exchange server level (till use a TSL/SSL ports)

Hi UiPath Team,

Is there any resolution to this issue?
I’m able to send emails manually to the DL, but it is not getting delivered while using UiPath SMTP activity.
Please let me know the resolution in detail.