Send SMTP Mail Message Hanging After Deployment

I have built a flow on my PC and have uploaded the published version to a customers Orchestrator. When I run the bot on my customers laptop the Send SMTP Mail Message Activity hangs and throws no errors no matter how long you wait. The Send SMTP Mail Message works perfectly on my side. I have rebooted my customer’s laptop and tried running the bot again, but still no luck.

I am sending the email with an attachment using a gmail login. My port is set to 587 and the server is “”. I am thinking it is Windows somehow blocking the Send SMTP Mail Message on her laptop. I have disabled all installed firewalls(including windows defender) and still no luck when I run the bot.

Hi there,have you try to read the log?

Hi, Yes I have and there is nothing that shows up in the logs. The Send SMTP Msil Message activity does not throw any error.

Hi, If you are using the enterprise version,you can contact uipath technical support.

I’m not using the enterprise edition.

I am just doing it for testing purposes.

I’m sorry I haven’t come across this, but I think you can try running a simple process to see if it works

I will try that and see how it goes.

Hi have the same problem
Running, not debugging, directy from Studio 19.12.0 community edition an old, not modified package, I get the same problem => send smtp activity hangs
I get the problem, I think the same, on a robot, starting from the 03/25/2020
I use a gmail account setted the access to not sure apps

I have also allowed the unsecure apps to access Gmail which has sorted out the problem. I will carry on doing testing to see if I can find out the issue.

I have the same issue. Send SMTP Mail activity worked sometime and hung suddenly and worked again when I rebooted the PC. My studio version is community version.

Hi all,
I have solved my hang get imap/send smtp problem with two actions
1> changing the to lower letters the process name
2> removing the process from orchestrator and recreating a new one
I don’t know if these action are the right solutions to the root cause

I have noticed that deploying the package named in UPPER CASE letters the package in .nuget\packages\aret-reporthc-tasg directory is created with lower case letters

Similar issue we are facing … could someone let what is the solution …

I solved my issue by moving over to an enterprise edition of Orchestrator. The reason it might have worked is because the Mail package version was a more stable version on the enterprise edition of studio and not the latest version like in the community edition of studio. I hope this might help solve your issue too.

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