Send SMTP mail message as a forwarded mail object?

Hey guys, I have a question:

I am trying to filter yahoo mail messages by sender (that part I have down) and then forward that email to another email address. How do I do this? I think I am close. Is there a way to share my process here so you can see the whole thing? I just have a screenshot.

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Hey @Luke_Ryberg

Kindly use ListMails.First


In For each you mentioned each item as mail …Pass same thing in the property of Forward as mail

I tried that and it gave an error, saying that it has to be a mail object.

Can you elaborate?

In your screenshot there is a Mail message property under Forward section of the activity right in which the list mails is passed and it shows an error…

In that kindly replace with the below value,


Change For Each Activity Argument type From object to MailMessage

Hey @Luke_Ryberg,

  1. Change the Type argument of For Each activity from Object to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
  2. Pass the ForEach item i.e mail into the Forward property of Send SMTP Mail Message
    that’s how all the error’s would disappear.