mailMessage.sender for a forwarded email

Hey y’all!

So I’ve got a list of mailMessages, and I’m trying to match String refs in the subjects and senders. All good usually, EXCEPT I get an Object Reference exception when trying to access the sender of an email that has specifically been forwarded. I think this is telling me that with automatically forwarded messages the sender cannot be accessed in mailMessage objects in the same way as normal emails… Is there a work around for this?



Can you post the screenshot of the workflow you have @domluke90?

Have you tried this to retrieve the from address?

Can’t post a screenshot of the actual work as it’s business sensitive, but in testing this theory I am literally just iterating through a list of 100 mailMessages, and logging either:

  • mailMessage.Sender.toString

  • mailMessage.from.address.toString

This works for every email except the handful that I am automatically forwarding from another Outlook account to the one I’m accessing here.

I’m able to get the name and address even moving from one account to another @domluke90

Can you try creating a new sequence and check once again?