How can i forward a mail from a List<MailMessage> variable

Hi all,

I’m having some trouble being able to forward a specific mail in a list using Send Outlook Mail Message.

I’ve created the list using Get Outlook Mail Message.

But how can i choose/target a singular mail in that list for forwarding? I.E List of 5 mails, i want to forward mail 3?

Thank you.


Does anyone have any ideas regarding the topic?

Thank you.

Hi @JayBee,
You need to use For Each loop where each output argument will be the sigle mail message type.

Use the for each activity and change the ‘TypeArgument’ property to ‘System.Net.Mail.Message’
if you want to check- verify like item.subject or Item.body inside the for each loop. Move your required email in the loop

Hope it helps you. Mark as solution if it works

Thanks…Happy Automation … :+1:

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Hi Both,

I’ve successfully managed to forward the mail, but i have a new problem.

It doesn’t preserve the format, any idea whats happening or how to keep the format?

Thank you.