Retry in SendOutlookEmail


in my process I need to send some email messages. After this activity somethimes the email is not sent, but I get no error or something.
I could do it in Retry Scope but with no error I dont know how to set the condition.

Activity I use:

Activity is filled correctly, because somethimes the email is sent with same data each time. I dont know hot to fix this issue. Please help

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Did we try with SEND EXCHANGE MAIL activity
Instead of outlook mail activity
Where we need to pass some input values to the property of that activity
It will work even if your machine doesn’t have outlook application configured

Refer these threads for what values to be used in the exchange activity


You can follow these steps to validate whether it has sent the mail or not

  1. Use a TRY CATCH activity where in try block use a GET MAIL MESSAGE activity and change the mailbox property as “Sent Items” and change the top value as “1” and get the output as out_mailmessages

  2. Then use a IF condition like this
    oyt_mailmessage(0).Subject.ToString(“your subject”)

If true it will go to THEN block there leave it empty and if false it will go to ELSE where use a THROW activity and mention like this is in it New BusinessRuleException(“not sent mail”)

So this will now go to CATCH block where you can try sending mail with exchange activity as mentioned above

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @wenar58700

So the solution with exchange cannot work, as I cannot use Exchange.

The second solution sounds good, I need to check that. Thanks!

Use Send SMTP Email. More reliable, simpler, doesn’t need Outlook installed nor even open.

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