Problem with send email

Hello I have a problem. Yesterday I was updated to the 2019.10.0-beta version and since then I cannot send SMTP mails. The robot stays in that task and never gives error or sends the mail. Is someone else happening to you? I need help.

Hello @Guille267

can you show some screenshots on how you have configured this activity so that it will help to get an understanding on what you have done and think of solutions based on that?

Hi, the activity worked fine until Thursday. After the update, he stopped sending mails and the process is paused. Without giving error message. I attached the screenshot of how I have it configured.

Kindly recreate the same workflow and check once
Cheers @Guille267

Hello everyone, from what I could see, it just doesn’t send the mails when the orchestrator is on. when you close it and run from uipath studio, the mail is sent correctly.


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