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In the activity “Send SMTP Mail Message”, you are asking for “Email” and “Password” but it is not the email which is needed with an on-premise messaging system and it can be confusing for the developers.

Personally I spent several hours before understanding (with the help of qualified colleagues) that it was not the email as specified in the label of the field.


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Can you share a screenshot explaining your issue?

We need to provide the email address and password from which the mail has to sent right?


This is standard SMTP stuff, not a deficiency of UiPath. Pay attention to the property groupings. What you have highlighted is under the Logon category. Also if you hover over it, it tells you what it is - as it also shows in the blank field.

No, you only need to include username and password if the SMTP server requires authentication.

You do have to provide the email address and email from, but those are different properties not authentication properties.

Yes. It isn’t email address. It is the email account and this is explained in Studio:
I’m using several email adresses and I have for them one service account.

I don’t understand your issue.

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Depending on how the SMTP server is configured the username could be the email address though.

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You’re right. But I don’t understand what the author means and I’m confused.

They seem to mean it’s poorly documented or something, but the real issue is they didn’t really look at what Studio is telling them.

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I am not sure to understand you, too. Is it because you personally understand that everyone understands? Maybe you have some knowledges in computer science that I don’t have (and other people don’t), and that’s why I posted this message, to inform UiPath and help other people if they encounter the same issue as me. It seems I made a confusion between email address and email account that other people who don’t know anything in SMTP can make.

The role of a forum is to help each other, please don’t forget it :slight_smile:

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