Does "SendMail" activity assume that username = email?

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I’m trying to use the UiPath.Mail.SMTP.Activities.SendMail activity and I’m consistently getting an authentication error. I suspect the problem is that the SendMail activity assumes that the user name is the same as the email address. In my case, the username and the email address are different. Specifically, the username is “testemail” and the email address is “”. The username is what’s required to log into the email server, not the email address. When I enter the email address into the “Email” field in the activity’s Logon section, I get a “bad credentials” error. But when I enter the username into the “Email” field, I get an error “email is not in the correct format”. Since there is no field for entering a username that’s not an email, this implies that the activity is assuming that the email and the username must be the same. Does the SendMail activity really assume that the email address and the username are identical? And if so, is there a way to work around this restriction?

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Check the credentials are given correctly

Also share the screenshot of the error


Thank you @Srini84. I found out from UiPath Support that authentication for sending email really does require an email address, not a user name. But in my case authentication turned out to be not necessary at all. Sending an email worked well when I left the email and password blank.

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