Send SMS Via TextLocal

Hello Creator’s, @mrudula.sindhu90

Here is the Complete solution to send SMS alert based our requirement.

Use Custom Activity: Send SMS Via TextLocal by Shan KM

Before that, Please Sign Up TextLocal;

Go to
Click Sign up Button
Provide your Email Address and Click Create a Free Account Button
You will get an email confirmation from TextLocal team Click and confirm the link.
Once you done provide all your Personal Details Based on the form Request.
Click Home Page then Click Settings Button


chooce API Key

Click Create New API Key - clicking

No need to provide any details in the below box just click save new Key

You will get the New API Key :slight_smile:

Then Go to Ui Studio Install send SMS via TextLocal Custom Package;



Provide your API Key , mobile number and Text with in double quotes.

Thats it …!

Note : TextLocal Provide 10 credit points at the time of registration.
If you want to send more than 10 SMS , i think so you have to pay for it.


Happy automation !

Srenivasan Kannan


Great @SrenivasanKanna :clap::clap:


@SrenivasanKanna I am getting invalid sender name error(error code 43). I am using transactional account with message template. I have sender name with me but I don’t seen any property in TextLocal send SMS activity in UiPath where I can give sender name.

Please guide me how to resolve this issue.



There is no input for Sender in Send SMS Properties.

You can make your text look like Sender as per the below , If you wish.

store the sender name in a Variable
Ex. Sender_Var=“lata”

In Send SMS properties panel in the message box , Call the variable Sender_Var and pass the text followed by Sender_Var


"Sender - " +Sender_Var + “:” + VbnewLine + “Hello test message”

Srenivasan Kannan

@SrenivasanKanna Thanks for your quick response. I tried the solution suggested by you. Since I am appending sender variable to the approved template for message, I am now getting error as follows:
{“errors”:[{“code”:80,“message”:“Invalid template”}],“status”:“failure”} False

can you please suggest how to proceed now?

Can you attach the screen Shot of Send SMS Property pane.

@SrenivasanKanna Sure I will attach

@SrenivasanKanna pls check the above screenshot

I had written below string in message property of SMS activity

"Sender - "+sender_Var+ Environment.NewLine+“Approved template from TextLocal.”

Cool , I am wonder why its not working , will do one more try. Can take out of item.tostring and put your mobile number manually with in " " and check whether working or not.

If its working you need to pass the variable as per the standard.

Cheers !

@SrenivasanKanna thanks for the reply.

Actually I have promotional account on textlocal and with that I tried with my mobile no… It worked perfectly. Since i have to send SMS to a list of mobile nos. in an phone array, I had problems sending to numbers which are not verified by Textlocal and was getting error code 80 i.e. mobile no. registered with DND and as per TRAI regulation it cannot be sent.

So i started using the transactional account of the company for which i am doing pilot project and used their API and approved template. Now i am stuck with the above problem

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As suggested by you I removed item.tostring and added my mobile no. Still I am getting the below error msg:

{“errors”:[{“code”:80,“message”:“Invalid template”}],“status”:“failure”} False

I think adding a sender variable as mentioned in my earlier post along with approved template in “message” property is giving problem. Please look at my previous post as well

Is it working without sender variable ?

Your requirement is :slight_smile:

Have to send text with Sender Name and also need to send multiple users right?

My requirement is to send SMS to all subscribers in my list with approved template. But if am adding only the template msg then I gen invalid sender name error/ If I include sender name with msg template, I get invalid template error.

How to pass sender name as well as approved msg template in SMS activity?

@SrenivasanKanna Yes you correctly understood my requirement

Hey ! @lata_rpa

Its working for me, add your mobile numbers in into assign activity through array or some other looping method.

In messgae box i can get the text as i expected.

Pls note : Check your credit limit of textlocal message.




Srenivasan Kanna

@SrenivasanKanna trying again.

@SrenivasanKanna Again it failed. Has it something to do with that since I am using the trnsactional acoount API Key, sender name and approved template of the company for which I am developing pilot project, it is not getting recognized

@SrenivasanKanna Sender name I am using is correct but not part of approved message template. can that be the cause of problem?

can you attach your work flow , with excel sheet , removing all your confidential data and placing dummy data ?