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@SrenivasanKanna sorry for late response. Actually I am not reading excel directly but stored the subscribers to whom I have to send SMS in an array and than using for-each loop, I am iterating the array for sending SMS. Screen shot for the same is below:

no worry just remove the phone numbers and Api key and place xxxxxx and attach the workflow xaml file to check the validation.

ok I will do that

@SrenivasanKanna please find the sendSMS_test.xaml file. Actually it is part of my project workflow, I just extracted the relevant part and created a xaml for your reference. In the phone_str array you can add phone-nos for testing.

If you have transactional account in textlocal website with approved text message template than you can test the code with them. This is what my scenario is.
sendSMS_test.xaml (8.5 KB)

Bcoz with my promotional account without any approved template, I am able to send SMS successfully.

Hope I am able make myself clear

Hey !! Whats the purpose of item.Equals condition?

@SrenivasanKanna Good Morning. I am just trying to send SMS to few numbers which I can check if SMS is delivered. Otherwise I have to send SMS to all numbers that exist in the array of phone nos.



Working fine from my end using the same array method with your workflow. (13.5 KB)


Can you check once again?

Srenivasan kannan

@SrenivasanKanna First of all I would like to thank you for taking so much effort to resolve the issue i am facing.
The sender name in my case should be “WOWHER”, and in the message property, I have to write the message template approved by TextLocal for the company as they have transactional account in TextLocal. I cannot reveal the approved message template, that’s why I have just mentioned in my post as “approved message template” but it is not the actual msg.

Now appending “WOWHER” to approved msg template is causing problem as there is no separate input property in UiPath Send SMS activity for sender name.


Hey !! Check my solution its working well.

@SrenivasanKanna I tried with the workflow provide by you. Again I am getting error as

{“errors”:[{“code”:80,“message”:“Invalid template”}],“status”:“failure”} False

I think it is not accepting sender name along with the message template which they have approved for the company. Bcoz without sender name it is accepting the message template but gives error as invalid Sender Name.


@SrenivasanKanna if I remove sender variable from message I get below error:

{“errors”:[{“code”:43,“message”:“Invalid sender name”}],“status”:“failure”} False

Hey Its working this sender name , please find what am getting the text.


I wonder , why its not working in your hand … :cry:

@SrenivasanKanna It might not be working for me bcoz the aoi key generated by the company, the approved message template for them is not matching with the sender name which I am trying to append to the msg template which is not approved by them.

If I use the api key generated by me in my account with any message and my mobile no., it is working.

very tricky indeed

Thanks for the effort you are putting.

Just let me know if I can directly construct a URL with api key, sender name, message and phone no. which I can use in type into activity of browser and execute it.


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Never give up @lata_rpa try to fix your issue. :smiley:

Happy automation !!!

@SrenivasanKanna Thanks, I am trying to fix the issue. If I am successful in doing that I will post it here.

@SrenivasanKanna Hi, I am finally able to send SMS through TextLocal. As there is no separate sender name property for send SMS activity, I wrote code for sending SMS and executed it using invoke code activity.

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That’s cool :slight_smile:

I follow all the steps as u mention in earlier sms is sent to the provided no. in outpit pane it shows more error why???

Superb👍 @srenivasankanna

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