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Can anyone guide me how to send SMS from a workflow in uipath studio?

Thanks in advance

Hi @lata_rpa,

What is your requirement?
sms?? mail or what


i already finished the email and WhatsApp part. Now my requirement is to send SMS to list of subscriber phone numbers stored in an excel.

Thanks for responding


Use below activity to send SMS from Robot.

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Thanks. I will try from the link provided by you.

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@lakshman I am unable to register on Twilio website for recieving the Account SID and Auth Token required for SMS activity. After entering the sign up detaIls in Twilio | Try Twilio Free webpage, , I am getting webpage not found error.

Please guide me how to proceed with twilio.

Please tell me how to send whatsup messages


You can use TextLocal also to send messages. Please check below thread and follow step by step.


open browser (my suggestion is to use chrome) , and type the below website and in the URL itself append the string “send phone=(phone no. with coutrycode)&text=(text you want to send)” for sendin message to single no.
and if you want send bulk message then store it in a datatable and iterate it in loop.

which activity to be used

@Lakshman thanks. I tried TextLocal and followed the steps mentioned in the link provided by you. I am getting failure message as I think there is a restriction that I can send messages only between 9 a,.m to 9 p.m.
I will test tomorrow and let you know the status

Once again thanks for your quick response

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Open the browser and use type into activity to enter web URL alongwith phone no. and text message. Then use send hot key for “enter” key.

Hi @lata_rpa,
There’s a time restriction in TextLocal. You can remove the restriction by contacting TextLocal team. The restriction may not be there with the paid plans.
Happy Automation.

@shankm @lakshman Thanks for your support. I am able to send SMS using TextLocal. Really appreciate your effort in helping me resolve the issue.


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