Send outlook mail message - Background process

I have a background process, which if I run from the orchestrator is not able to send the email. It throws this error “Send Outlook Mail Message: The operation has timed out.”
However, if I run locally it runs without any problem. Is the activity “Send outlook mail message” not compatible with background processes? Is there any alternative?

Hi @Joao_Pereira
I have had a similar problem with Outlook activities before, but it’s not universal and so it may not work for you.
When running from Orchestrator, make sure Outlook application is NOT running. If you observe that failure is when Outlook is closed, then try keeping it running and run the bot.

I couldn’t find an explanation, but my process would only work if Outlook wasn’t runnning.
I hope this helps.

My company have processes that require to reply and send 100+ email every day using outlook activity. We did not encounter the issue that you mention.

You might want to check whether your Orchestrator is in the newest version or the workflow package and activities is compatible to run in your current Orchestrator version.

If you are using Office 365, maybe you can consider integrating it with UiPath. Here are some of the setup guide for your reference [1] [2] [3] .

I hope it helps.