Send outlook email, with forward option not able to send email with continuity

Hi All,

Am trying to send email chaser to the team using uipath. Here am saving my emails to my local folder as eml file with attachments.

Then am reading eml to mailmessage object and placing mailmessage object in forward option. Then I need to append my new body of the mail as “Hi team, This is a gentle remainder, please respond…”.

But am not able to put any extra email body if I give mailmesssage in forward option.

Could any one can help me on this!!!

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Hi @Manoj_prabhakar_R

Maybe you can try to edit your email body before placing in forward option, as below.
mailmessage.body = “Hi team, This is a gentle remainder, please respond…” + mailmessage.body

Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @Manoj_prabhakar_R