Send mail with Embedded images not working

Hi all,

I am having issues with embedding images when sending emails. I am sending mail from Outlook server and have tried SMTP / Mail activities and even Office 365 with all the same results.
The images do NOT appear in Gmail on other devices, but appears OK in Outlook within my company platforms.

I have tried all the usual suggested methods:

  • base64 image is NOT supported by Gmail, but works only between Outlook accounts internally
  • CID method does not work same as above
  • attachments are attached to email, but only display inline on Outlook platforms, broken on Gmail

The only working method is to actually open Outlook and send mail using the UI.

It seems that all the suggested methods online for embedding images do not work between different email servers. We need to be able to send from Outlook to any external customer email address with the images displayed (such as banners and signature). Ideally would like to use SMTP or 365 activities

Is anyone able to help/shed some light on this issue, or suggest another method I may not have tried yet? This must be an issue that impacts all companies using UiPath…

Hi @Jon_G ,
Have you try send SMTP with body HTML type
in body image as link and with attachments is file name

Yes all this does is attach the images to the bottom of the email, and it does embed the image as well but only on Outlook platforms. When viewing on Gmail platform, the image is just attachments to the email itself, and the embedded image is broken.

Try it for yourself and test between different platforms and you will see that it doesn’t work. It will look different on different platforms

How about with body type word document, and image add in this document?

Unfortunately I’m not sure we have Body as Word Doc as an option, we are using 2019 version… in the middle of upgrading… I just have IsBodyHTML checkbox which is ticked

Oh, Unfortunately I haven’t checked on version 22019, it’s available in version 2023
With 365, have you tried checking with the body using variables, saving the image as a variable to see if it works?

I can give this a try… what variable type do I use for the images, and how do I add them to the HTML? (which I store as String variable)

I haven’t tried this method yet, because I mostly use send outlook. With 365, try saving the image path as a string.

Okay thanks. When you use Send Outlook to Gmail address using images embedded, do you notice they are broken on the Gmail side?


Did you try giving like this


I have tried this, what happens is it looks fine in Outlook (image is embedded and also attached), but in Gmail the image file is only attached to the e-mail itself and the inline image is broken. It’s just a red cross in the email body on Gmail platform.

So there are no solutions for this? Is it not possible at all to send emails with embedded images these days? That actually works across all email clients


Looks like using smtp it migh tnot be possible to display in gmail.check the below knowledge base…which has a note

Alternately…Try to open this old xaml may be you might find something useful…but chances are sleek using old methods…create html content is not available for you in older version…so as of now these are the options…else need to go with any coding …other than using UiPath activitiy directly

Also instead of giving a image in attachment try to use a online image and check if that works…give the url of image and see may be if that solves then we might see for different approach to save out images

Try the linked resource


In the end, the only working solution is to use Invoke Code activity and write the code manually in using SMTP and images as Linked Resources, then using the CID in the HTML templates.

The UiPath SMTP activity for some reason doesn’t work with Linked Resources and using the content ID correctly… you have to do it manually with code…

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