Send Inline Images in outlook

I used the package provided in UiPathGO = ’ ’ to send an image in the body of the email, I managed to send, but when I open the email in my outlook inbox, the image does not appear

can anyone help me?


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I think is better to ask this in Go! or try to contact the developer…


a imagem que eu estou tentando inserir é essa


What is the type of image? (.png, .jpeg,.tiff)

I tried png and jpeg, without success in both cases

I’m not able to replicate this issue at my end. Is there any chance you could share the image file for me to test? (any similar file which you are not able to embed in the email will also work)

Also, I was successfully able to embed the previous image that you had sent.

Hi Mths,

Me too faced same issue.

Can you try below,

html.txt (133 Bytes)

and send this in email body, also make sure to check “IsBodyHtml”.

Also make sure to save the images in the shared folder where everyone in the emails list have access.


Hi Manoj,

It’s working only for Png files, i don’t know why it’s not working for Jpg or other formats.

If i use Png, it’s able to display else it’s not displaying.