Send Outlook Mail Message with image inline in body issue


I’m trying to send image into email body. I have configured the Send Outlook Mail Message Activity as below screenshot.

When I execute the sequence, in Sent items of the outlook it’s showing as expected.

But in Inbox, the image is showing as attachment


Anything I’m missing here? Thanks in advance.

Hi @ashokkarale

try with Create HTML Content activity and then pass the output as body of mail


do this

  1. use this module to change image to base64 string
    (pass in imagepath, and it outputs a string)
    ConvertImageToBase64.xaml (5.6 KB)

this base64 string can be directly used in your HTML BODY like this
"hi there , this is sample email <p> " + base64 string +" .</p> ..."

if your img is jpg instead of png remember to change this to JPG

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This is working. No need to attach file also. Thanks a lot.

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