HTTP request using .key and .crt files

Hello all,

I am trying to replicate a Postman request in UiPath.

I have installed the webAPI package and am using the HTTP request activity.
My request works fine in Postman, but in UiPath I seem to have trouble with sending the certificates.

I expected the ceritificates to work in the client certificate and CC password fields, but they don’t. It doesn’t matter if i add them as a attachment or if I fill in the key value itself instead of referencing it.

Can anyone tell me how we are supposed to use a .crt and a .key file in the http request activity?

So, nobody knows? :thinking:

Did you check all the details from this documentation? HTTP Request

Yes I did,

I contacted customer support and they have helped me look in to this.
It is unfortunately not yet possible to do this. See screenshot of final conclusion.

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