Outlook with 3 buttons

Hello friends, I need to send mails from UIPATH in outlook, and I want the mail to arrive at the destination with 3 buttons: “APPROVED”, “NOT APPROVED”, “NOT DEFINED”.

When the mail arrives, the recipient presses any of the 3 buttons and an Outlook window must open to respond to the mail received by the person who sent it, adding the text of the button he pressed to the beginning of the subject, and leaving it the possibility for the user to write something on the body and send it.

In synthesis, I need the “code” that I have to send in the body of the mail that I must send, so that the recipient acts and responds as I want. It is 100% Outlook, and I wanted to know if any already solved this problem with UiPath. Thank you!!


I don’t know the exact way to do this in uipath, you can refer below links to get response from the recipient.

  1. Voting option in outlook

You can rename the buttons accordingly and recipient can edit response as well.

  1. Using html buttons and redirect when any button is clicked to a specific webpage which you need to create for sending response.

Bharat Kumar

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Bharat, thank you!!